Irish Driving Test Route Maps

EDT Ireland has prepared Driving Test Routes for all driving test centres in the country.

Driving Test Routes Ireland

Our Test Route Maps

You can download the Driving Test Routes for every Irish Driving Test Centre from this website.  All driving test centres have a number of test routes and you will have access to map of each test route for the test centre in question. All test route maps are provided in Google maps and can be followed while driving

Included with each map download  is our Driving Test Survival Kit which gives you a complete run-down of all questions that you are likely to be asked at your driving test.

Each set of Test Route Maps costs just €20 and includes the Driving Test Survival Kit.

Note: To use the maps, you will need to purchase using a Google/Gmail email address. 


Practicing with driving test route map is great preparation for your driving test. This will familiarise you with the roads and traffic conditions you might encounter during your driving test. This will significantly reduce anxiety and increase your confidence, leading to better performance on the day of the test.

The practice route map allows you to focus on specific areas that you may find challenging, such as complex junctions or high-traffic areas. This type of targeted practice will improve your driving skills and readiness for the test.

Driving using the test route will give yoa a better understanding of road signs, signals, and various traffic situations that you might encounter during the test. This practical experience is essential for building safe driving habits and decision-making skills.

Using the practice test routes will encourages you to explore the different routes that testers use and become better acquainted with the areas while not under test conditions.

Our driving test routes will serve as a valuable tool in your driving test preparation and combined with our driving test survival kit will give you the  increased confidence you need to pass your test.

Please note that all test route maps are digital and are for download only and we will not be posting any physical documents.