Dun Laoghaire Driving Test Routes


Sample driving test routes for Dun Laoghaire Driving Test Centre. Package contains 3 sample test routes.

Also included with your driving test routes is our Driving Test Survival Kit which contains answers to common questions asked by driving testers prior to your test as follows:

1. Most commonly asked theory questions and road signs
2. Technical checks including compulsory questions required when technical checks cannot take place due to inclement weather
3. Secondary controls explained and symbols identified
4. Hand signals
5. Tyre wear indicator checks, tips for reversing around a corner, turnabout, hill start and correct distance when stopping behind other vehicles.

PLEASE NOTE: you will need a GOOGLE or GMAIL address in order to be able to access the driving test routes and ONLY THE ADDRESS USED TO PURCHASE THE ROUTES WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS THEM.


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